Tuesday 29 November 2016


I find it hard to get back on writing blogs.
I don't know way , just don't find words so more important like before. I use to pay attention to each word I speak and to try to communicate my ideas the clearest possible.
Now I think an picture is saying everything for  people which want to hear 😊
This weekend I have done few pictures of my work from Royal School of Needlework and got a bit of nostalgia for the days when I was running around like a headless chicken 😅😅.
 The crewel embroidery which I so hated at the start of the school become some sort of speciality for me now . Love to do a piece for the diversity of the stitches and for the speed you can have in finishing a piece.
 Gold work embroidery is the reason way I decide to do the RSN in first instance but I don't know way I start few more pieces but never manage to finish them .

With silkshading it was same as goldwork 😏, love the technique but never manage to finish another piece , thought I have one in the frame .
This is the blackwork piece which actually make me cry , NO , I am serious , physically cry . I start practising on the piece below so when I choose the little rabbit I thought all will go smooth and easy Do you think RSN is going to leave anything to be easy? Nope .....
All that stress added with a full time job and teaching classes and a participation at the K&S brought me on the brink of dead.
Now we are going to delete all this year and get a new piece of calico and start from scratch again 😅😅😅

You have a happy stitching there and I send you lots of hugs and good health wishes


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  1. Renata your work is all so beautiful and now you are feeling so much better following your terrible health scare I am sure you will enjoy stitching and also teaching again, your stitching needs to be seen as you are an excellent stitcher, the rabbit is so cute!