Thursday 28 July 2016

A midnight taught

I know.... please don't be upset about my silence. Just been busy , you know between sleeping , chemo , surgery and hospital stay my life became a bit hectic.
Yes I know... I just was complaining having my life in slow motion and now is just to fast .. ?
No I think is just normal.
I am please to say at least I have no more cancer in my body as from 13th June 2016 :) :) :) ...
I had my debulking surgery and by my doctors they said they took out all the visible cancer .
It wasn't easy been in surgery from 8am to 3pm and then try to weak me up until 7pm. Well ....I was in a merry world at that time as I do not remember any of but my family did not take it easy waiting and waiting ...and waiting .
Now I am fine had not a single complication which was for the relief of my doctors .Now I am back on the chemotherapy for few more so just to eliminate any stubborn cells  that may had make a break for freedom.This time the chemo did not acted like before, feel much better only a bit weak with trembling feet but otherwise OK.
Right now is 4am and I am up from 2am which here in Dublin is mid night and what I am doing ? write a blog . Seems I can't sleep and probably this is a side effect of the chemo so I decide maybe I can catch up a bit with you guys.
Hope all of you are OK and life is good for you as is for me now.
Many people was talking to me and all are under the impression I have change so much after this like I come out of the cancer a total different person.
Don't know about other people but I don't think I am so different , I don't want to be different either . My take in life is still same only maybe a bit more cautious , take things slowly and think first : is it worth to do something and is any health implication and is this something I really want to do .....
Yes I am a bit ga ga ga thinking even when I put something in my mouth if that piece of food is really good for me, is something which will do good to me or is really worth the risk of eating it now. 
Now I am not gone to bore you anymore with all this and I will let you enjoy some of my latest picture of the work I manage to do .

I hope to manage to add here the instagram link

Is hard to decide what to finish first as I have such amount of things started..... but I presume I can close my eyes , put my hand in a bag  and pull out anything .
Here is a small pic of something started aprox in 2003/2004 ,  can't even remember well 😊😊😊

I will back and promise to transfer some of this picture here in the blog later .

Happy crafting all
Lots of hugs



  1. I'm so glad to hear everything has gone well. I know you will get better every day and I pray that cancer never comes back. It will be nice when you can get back to blogging as normal, I really enjoy your blog.

  2. what wonderful news so good to see you back on the blog and letting us know, have been wondering how you were doing with the treatment etc. Take care

  3. Bless you. Cancer has hit my family hard recently so I know what you have, are and will be going through. It is so wonderful that you have a love of stitching to help you through it. I don't do instragram, but I went over there to see what you have posted. Your talent is amazing. Much love and prayers to you.
    xx, Carol

  4. I hope you are ok now Renata ? I had 6 months Chemo in 1999. It was amazing how quickly my body recovered when it ended. Wishing you a long and happy life. Marion x

  5. Thanks very much to all of you and forgive me to be so late replaying to your comments. I don't try to find excuses , just got a bit lazy in my relations with the internet.