Saturday 11 July 2015

New kits on the go

I really have just very little time for blogging or FB or anything else for this matter.
I am under big rush and pressure to prepare new kits for the embroidery up coming  workshop at The Constant Knitter .

Now on the top of this one I have done another one a bit more advance and I am well in the progress for the a bit one 
 Just a sneak peak before is going to be framed . Lovely warm colors and full of different stitches so plenty experience to get too.
This is just a small part so the big part is to finish the Xmas kits for the lace classes.
Will show you just a bit here too . And just so to give you an hint this lace will be presented as Xmas threes decorations .

Now... would you like to see more of  the kits? You would be very welcome to our classes .

Happy crafting all

1 comment:

  1. I wish you great success with your classes, with your knowledge and wonderful stitching i am sure they will be a great success