Monday 11 May 2015

Salvaged wool - Update

Some progress have been done in this piece even if time do not allow to much .
Anyway the big surprise to realise I actually spend about a day in doing only a promenade. Can't believe my self how slow this one been  .
Thought I am  very happy with the outcome as I can actually see my self good progress in how the edges looks to my satin stitch . Did not need any stem stitch to hide  the loose ends.
I'd love to say is perfect  but I do have to patient and to do some more practise. I did learn I need to be a little slower in my work so I can pay attention more , but as they say all your life you still learn.

Happy crafting all


  1. good job done here, I am guilty of rushing what I do and must learn to slow down

    1. Yes Margaret is a bit hard to slow down this days :) I have to try more to do just that