Friday 5 December 2014

Crewel Embroidery -- past and present

Crewel embroidery is impressive as is done freestyle.
 Traditionally, crewelwork is done on linen twill because of its strength, grain and color which go with all sorts of designs, but many different fabrics can be used today.
Crewel wool is much thicker than silk or cotton thread, so it has a textured, colorful effect and creates a raised, dimensional feel.
Crewel embroidery designs range from modern to traditional patterns inspired by nature, featuring floral and animal patterns with stylized vines and leaves which usually are out of proportion .
You can see the odd proportions from the picture below .
 Starting a crewel embroidery

The first step is choosing the right material.
Crewel embroidery backings need to be firmly woven with medium weight fabric. Having linen in the fabric content is preferred because it allows the fabric enough ‘give’ for when the needle and thread goes through and closes behind it.

Crewelwork requires an embroidery hoop or frame to spread the fabric. This creates an even tension so patterns will not distort after completion.


Anyway , a good needle is  the most important tool. Crewel needles are very sharp, usually with a large slender eye and thick shaft, which is great for weaving or whipping stitches.

 Well the next step I may have to talk you  thru another day 
So keep checking the site as next will be drawing down the design in a traditional way .

Happy crafting all

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