Tuesday 24 June 2014

Blackwork embroidery

I don't know how many of you see my posts as I do not see any of your in my reading list . I have to go on each one of your blogs to see if is anything new.
Except this inconvenient all OK and good with life .
I manage to get together all my courage and start the Blackwork practise going on . My module in RSN is in October so hope to have time on off to finish this and to get a picture for the actual project.

Here's my lovely model
And here is my started piece
I am not really sure how much likeness is there but looking from a certain distance looks OK . I think...
Anyway I am happy I have got the courage to start .

Hope to manage to do some more by the weekend .

Happy crafting all


  1. The embroidery is looking amazing so far! It will be a very good likeness of the girl, too.

  2. Beautiful!
    You might go to digg.com they have a very good reader and it is free. I switched as blogger's reader doesn't work very well anymore.

  3. I have bloglovin as my reading list.
    Your blackwork piece is going to be amazing. The likeness is good.

  4. Thanks girls for your encouragement. I was a bit afraid I would be very far from original. I have to practice this stile of blackwork for when I go back in October to RSN I really don't want to loose time getting my head around shading or even stitches.

  5. beautiful hair style,you can use satin ribbon to dress it up!