Friday 11 October 2013

Finished thinks and work in progress

The Flower festival had past and now after about two weeks I still I am all over the place . Seems I am not able to get back on full steam and prepare my self for the next Craft Fair which would be in mid November.
Anyway I had a great feed back from the person which bought my chicken scratch tea towel.

I am actually considering to start to do few more like this in different colours . This actually is a great way of practising stitches and learn new techniques.
My little strawberry pin cushions did not had such success   but you know how people are they may like something this year and they may not.
Now this weekend hope I will get cracking and do some nice thinks.
My work in progress is already started in my head in the form of few necklaces and bracelets so by Sunday hope to have some pictures.

Happy crafting to all


  1. your chicken scratch is lovely, yes I think made in a range of colours would be good. Shame the strawberries did not sell but as you say they might next time.

    1. Hi Margaret , thanks for the visit your lovely like always

  2. Ce capsunici dragute!!!Coditele le-ai facut din snur crosetat,o idee buna!!!1

    1. Buna Ela , incerc sa folosesc snur crosetat la orice chestie pentru ca incerc sa introduc macrameul romanesc aici sa le arat la astia ca la noi acasa mai sint si oameni care fac arte nu numai tigani