Wednesday 17 July 2013

New skills ??

I have to give a try to many more types of crafts. Very interesting to find out how many types of embroidery are in the world. For the start I will try to get going with the classical embroideries. And here is my first attempt to Crewel embroidery
I did not used the colors which was on the patterns chart but I did this one only to learn the stitches and the technique .The original design was in shades of grey . Pattern is from Hazel Blomkamp’s   new book 

I think I will like this a lot and probably I  definitely get a kit which will have all the right colors

Happy crafting all



  1. you have taken on a big challenge here Renata if you are going to have a go at all the embroidery techniques, you will have a great time and find which ones you like best, when I did my C & G in the 90`s we had to do very small samples of lots of techniques and that is when I found my love for hardanger.

    1. Thanks Margaret , I was looking to go to London and do the RSN but at the moment with two demanding children (adults)I can't afford so I was thinking to have a go ahead on my own. Any critics from people more experienced are welcome.