Friday 29 March 2013

Findings in Internet

Just watching ''Making Art Business Connections with Jane Davila'' from Interwave and in this video Jane is recommending for arts people to do a check up in Goggle of your own name and see who is watching you and commenting about your work.
I did so and I got a very nice surprise , pleasant anyway.
This is what I find:

You should try this little trick and see who is watching your activity and what they say about you and your work .Sometime you may find people appreciate you more than you think.

Happy crafting all


  1. sounds interesting but surely it is the people who comment on the blog, do you just type in your blog address or what?
    Love the crazy patchwork Renata.
    I wish you and your family a joyous time this Easter

    1. I just type my full name and you get a full list where your name apear: blogger,gmail,facebook..... the I just enter in each one and check what is about.
      Have a Happy and Blessed Easter for you and for your loved ones!

  2. Thanks for the little note about my stitching....I'll have to add you in there to share on stitchin fingers! and to my list on BlogLovin'