Wednesday 21 March 2012

Work in progress

I don't really know if anyone remember my needle work which I posted some time ago... god I can't even remember when was that but lucky me I still have some pictures from that time

In the mean time I have been participating to few craft fairs , taking up a knitting club and ICA (Irish country woman association) not like would be so many country woman in middle of Dublin but is  a funny one to go at.
Done about two cardigans ( need some pictures to add here ) and try to finish few projects in crochet which have been started years ago.
After about 1 year I made some little progress

Promise my self by end of May 12 to finish it up ... ha ha...


  1. Hi Renata,
    Nice tapestries. I have never learned how to needle point or knit. I do know how to do counted cross stitch and crochett. Have fun!

  2. Thanks Therese for your nice comments like always. Is not so hard all this tapestry ,if you know counted cross stitch this is only half stitch and of course you have to count the pattern directions. I will send you at some stage a chart to see for yourself if is tempting for you