Sunday 5 June 2011

Bloom Festival Dublin 2011

This weekend we really had a great time. We been visiting the Bloom Festival in Phoenix Park were I got some great pictures . OK ... they been acquired with some help from my daughter.
The location was mentally busy and I mad the bad choice of having high heels which unfortunately have been broke on the way to the festival.Other then that all was beautiful.
The floral arrangements was absolutely amazing as you can see for yourself

Beside all this flowers was stalls of vegetables were I could not believe the size of onions. I probably use one of those in a full week of cooking...
I have here a picture of lilies just to show you the size of this flowers. The necklace what I wear is my first attempt of beading crochet. Anyway is done from a hand full of recyclable beads and just few leftovers swarovski crystals.

And here is is my beautiful daughter which took a break from her study for the leaving cert and another pic of me with my husband.


  1. I have to laugh reading this post. In my town we have a Phoenix Park, which has Farmer's Markets with flowers. Someone in my town had a shop with the name Renata, but I overlooked the word Dublin in your title. I am in the total wrong continent. Im' in the US. LOL. I'm adding you to my Blog Reader

  2. Thanks for your visit and your welcome to come see my blog any time. Is nice to hear is another park with same name somewere in the world.