Friday 16 May 2014

Rainbow science details part two

Some time is a bit hard to keep up with this social media in special when children are still at home.
My son will have tonight his graduation and last night was the fever of finding his suit and that particular black shirt and so on . Anyway was lucky in off this did not was my daughter otherwise I probably was busy over my head for about few months before the event.
Getting back to my quilt I have some of other patches pics here as I promise

 This last pic is from the time when I start the quilt and I had to get the go ahead accept from my master :)
My Tiger have to check every single piece I work . The single place he did not sleep yet is in the top of the embroidery frame from RSN. There definitely he's not aloud .

Happy crafting all

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  1. First congratulations to your son on his graduation, you must be very proud. The quilt is going to be spectacular, some lovely stitching here