Wednesday, 5 November 2014

RSN & RDS Dublin

Is so hard to keep up with doing some crafts and in same time doing all this posting on media.
Been very very busy . Between trips and projects and so I kind of ignored all postings, so I will have to apologies for my lack of posts .
First on the middle of October I have been in Hampton  Court at RSN and started my Blackwork embroidery module . OK, I have to recognise I am very disappointed with myself . I was thinking I am OK after I did my daughter's picture , but NO.
Half or maybe more is wrong

All this change on the direction of the stitch some tutors do not approve in other hand others was very excited about the idea and they way I did it.
Anyway I have changed the picture .
Getting back in Dublin I had to go to the Knitting & Stitching show in RDS Dublin .
There I had great time helping out at RSN stand and helping the future tutor Kate Barlow  in the workshop . We had teach whitework embroidery for two days and Blackwork for two .
The whitework had been very successful  maybe due to the fact Irish people love white ( Mountmelick embroidery , irish lace all been white).
For the blackwork the problem been the light , not very bad but after certain age you really can do with a better light and maybe some magnifiers.

 Trying to do some demo in a crewel piece which RSN tutors had on the stand . Never thought will be so hard to concentrate to do something when people hover around you :) .

Here I try my hand at teaching ....
Well is not to bad if you have some time to do it . 1:30 h is not really in off and in special when people don't know to do to much .
There was I think more for us to learn than for the students ... ha ha ...
Well I hope to come with a more up to date pic for the blackwork .

Happy crafting all

Monday, 22 September 2014

Blackwork , nearly there ...

Some more progress is done from the last time when I was talking about my Blackwork .
Not to much but yet...

I really need to get some Photography classes as my pictures are terrible .
Maybe one more go in one day and I have finish the flesh . There is just a bit of the curly hair left and the strap from the dress .
Anyway I think I have learn quite few thinks in this one and the main think is choose maybe just 2-3-4 stitches and stuck with them . Don't try to modify stitches so to fit your design as you get a nightmare when try to meet them with other ones.
I will take it with me when I go to the course in October anyway. I have the feeling they will have a good laugh but I think this will be the good think because I would not let them without telling me what is wrong and what should have been done .

I do have  big dilemma of what will I choose to do as my piece for grading .
I would not like to do another  portrait  so soon but in the same time I don't like buildings either .
Animals in other hand I think they  are the subject of so many people .
I don't really know what I want and the problem is I do not have to much time to avoid the subject either. In the next few days or week have to be decided.

I will have to go over my few tens of thousands of pictures .

Any ideas?

Have a great time



Monday, 8 September 2014

Blackwork embroidery-- progress

I start to be in panic a bit as time is flying here around . I had planed to finish my blackwork piece until I go back to RSN for the module and I am a bit behind.Here is my progress from the weekend 
 Here is a pic with what I had last week
I think I had complicate my self with trying to get the waves in the hair from different kind of stitches and from changing direction.
Is kind of hard or maybe because I fell under pressure I just find it a bit difficult . Anyway I am very curios to see the end and to see what they will tell me in RSN.
Hope I did not destroy the model :) .

 I still have a big clump of curly hair in the left side and a piece of dress in the right .
Then is lots of adjustments to be done here and there ....
I think the best way to see the hair is when you look at the original picture in colour.
I just start to be more excited to finish this picture as is already from to much time on the frame .
Theoretical this should have been finished by 22nd September 14 but because I had to postpone my travel to RSN for October I got a bit lazy .
Well I still what to finish it by end of September
The problem is I need to prepare 20 kits of lace by mid October as I have a big class in second weekend of October and another big one the next week . I have to see how I juggle all this .
Well thinks have to be done somehow .
:) :)

Happy crafting all

Monday, 1 September 2014

''Embroidery Windows '' more updates

I finally got the courage to start in one of the windows with DMC cotton .
Hmm... crewel with cotton floss ... not so funny
I choose for this exercise the Owl window . First to do the branch with raised stem stitch .
As you can see below a bit of a w ably start...

 Then after many many rows a bit of more body to the branch
 In this pic below I try to show off how much raised is this branch . All in all I think I am happy how came out . I think I will use a normal stem stitch under branch so I can make it much smut.
 Here is an overview picture of the work done in this window . Is taking a lot of time , maybe much more than expected .

 The leaf on the side have french knots done with only one wrap and bullion knots .

 Bless PC's as I always can see the faults on the work . With my eyes I never could see how many stitches I still miss on my long and short area of the owl . I will be back over this area at the end and will see if I can fix it.
I think this will be one of the slow going projects but I stat to get use to have some of this .

 Happy crafting all

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Inflorescence updates

After few more weeks of moving the work around the house finally is up in the frame

Hurray !!!!

I am excited to have finish  few of thinks this year . I am terrible at starting thinks and soon as they are finish as embroidery or crochet finish I just leave them and never manage to bring them to a proper end .

As can seen from the step by step have been a good struggle due to the very thin fabric used .
In same time using a total different kinds of beads was give me a lot of grief as the design did not accommodate to well my much longer bugle beads.
Whatever I am OK for the time been with the final result and I am hopping I did not do a disaster from the original design.

The last picture was taken outside in the natural day light and is probably the most near as the real colors .
I am not sure how the colors came out in the pictures as in any of many what I did the background color is nothing like the real one. The fabric used was a very bright green so to make it fade a bit I had stained it with some tea bags .
This is a continuous process of learning and perfecting the process so get back to work for now .

Happy crafting all

Saturday, 23 August 2014

''Embroidery Windows '' more updates

Is slow work due to many projects and to the tiredness which looks like catching up with me.
Anyway I manage few pictures of the second motif in my sampler .
Hope they are good in off so I can go on to get a pattern ready at the end of the work .
Started as a simple leaf I think ended as a radish looking think ... lol..
 I am quite happy how the chains rows turn out as they usually make me bored and I am always hurry them . I think I manage to keep the thread to be of same thickness all over which is a challenge with Appleton wool .

 Thanks god to the computers as you can see all the little defects. I would never had seen the missing stitches on the yellow part . Now I had just added them and a new picture will be on the list to do .
I know I need little more work around mu photography skills :) .

Happy crafting all

Monday, 18 August 2014

Sampler one " Golden transformation" update

I have promise some time ago to get a picture of the entire sampler but never mange to .
Some time life is getting a bit busy but this weekend manage to catch up with few things so I think is time for you to see the whole think .
In same time manage to finish one and near to the end of second hart for the embroidery guild's bounty for the Knitting and Stitching Show in Dublin.

This is for now as I have to run busy to change the thread in my embroidery machine . OK from time to time I cheat and use an embroidery machine too.
This will be for my next cheat with you

Happy crafting all