Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Bud of hope

This is another of my own designs . I took some inspiration from the Jacobean era designs trying to keep in with the trend . Loved the colours of the wool so I had to think the design around the wool colours and not the other way around.
Anyway after I start working the  design find my self all the wool was actually to old and is fraying very easy.
But as they say when you are getting this for free don't do to much fuss about .
I try to be good and I did my drawing and colouring in first .

Then I start to dig in .

Is working very slow due to the fabric used. Usually crewel embroidery is done on twill linen or some sort of ore sturdy fabric but I have used here even count Irish linen.
I know this would be better for the black work or so but I was curios how will be on the crewel embroidery and I tell you something for nothing is not easy.
The piece is looking fine , would be very good to do an fire screen or something but is very hard to work .
I still need to think what I will do with this as I am a bit bored with putting them on the frame , have to many frames so I need maybe few more walls on the house.
I may think for something like a cushion or maybe even a screen of some sort .

Happy crafting all

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Sampler one " Golden transformation"

I was waiting for the results from RSN regarding our Sampler competition and unfortunately did not come out with anything .
But not to worry ... I have actually practised how to do a bit of an pattern and how to think about colours , threads and fabric combinations .
Now one of my Samplers is actually done and here I will give you few pictures . I still have to come with the whole picture but at the moment I am in the process of framing it .

In this one I had the intention of showing the beautiful transition from crewel work to gold work and the combination of the two techniques.
I am hopping to start soon in another few of this , I think I like to combine few techniques and to experiment with fabric thickness .
I will be back soon with an update in this one soon as is framed .

Happy crafting all

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Needle thread painting

Got this lovely books for embroidery from Trish Burr and I had one of them for about a year now , doing nothing .
Now I am struggling with this blackwork embroidery and I was thinking I better relax with something else.
This is the struggling part of my life :)

I never done needle painting but usually anything new is very exciting for me and very relaxing .
So I start a bit of embroidery from the first book I got
And like usually I could not start from the start of the book
I am terrible on start something wherever page  the book is opening at .

Anyway now I have to do something with this two little flowers and I do hope by the weekend to do a needle case or so with them.

Happy crafting all

Monday, 14 July 2014

Blackwork update

I do realise I become very bad with my posts . They are very rare now but to say the truth I have no idea where my time is going .
I made a bit of progress on my Blackwork embroidery but not to much . I kind of drag my feet about but I think I will get few more small projects which I hope will hook me on the technique.

I need to do a bit more work to the ear as I did not get it properly for the moment .
I don't know if the multitude of the stitches are not making the design to busy but I try to get the movements of the hair and the curls using different kind of stitches .
For the skin tones I try to get the shading from the weight of the thread rater than the stitches variety .
Anyway I start to very very happy with the results which I think is the main think .

Happy crafting to all

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Blackwork embroidery

I don't know how many of you see my posts as I do not see any of your in my reading list . I have to go on each one of your blogs to see if is anything new.
Except this inconvenient all OK and good with life .
I manage to get together all my courage and start the Blackwork practise going on . My module in RSN is in October so hope to have time on off to finish this and to get a picture for the actual project.

Here's my lovely model
And here is my started piece
I am not really sure how much likeness is there but looking from a certain distance looks OK . I think...
Anyway I am happy I have got the courage to start .

Hope to manage to do some more by the weekend .

Happy crafting all

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Royal School of Needlework

Yeah... There are three weeks after I got back from RSN and believe me or not I can get back on track .
I don't understand way but I am total confuse with what I want to do and I am at lost .
I have been finishing few old UFO's but yet I do not have the power to start my black work embroidery . I have second thoughts regarding my choice for the second module.
I have started a piece in Hampton and I do not like a bit how is coming out . I have start to prepare another picture and I am scared, ......SCARED you hear me ? Is first time when I am scared of doing something with the needle .
Anyway in a different plan I was having a bit of time to visit the Bloom Festival in Dublin and I was a bit disappointed . The main exhibitors  was more of a commercial nature than anything else.
I got back home with about 20 pictures all together and with the promise to not go back next year .
What I find there interesting was  a stall with butterfly cases and some of this butterfly give me an idea for some silk shading practise .

And then my beautiful Japanese rose can be another embroidery project.

I probably have to take out Tiger's ear and forget the fact after I took this pic he very much enjoy the taste of the flower.
Sometime I am asking my self if he didn't was a cow in a previous life as constant he is having a serving of this flowers.

Happy crafting all

Friday, 16 May 2014

Rainbow science details part two

Some time is a bit hard to keep up with this social media in special when children are still at home.
My son will have tonight his graduation and last night was the fever of finding his suit and that particular black shirt and so on . Anyway was lucky in off this did not was my daughter otherwise I probably was busy over my head for about few months before the event.
Getting back to my quilt I have some of other patches pics here as I promise

 This last pic is from the time when I start the quilt and I had to get the go ahead accept from my master :)
My Tiger have to check every single piece I work . The single place he did not sleep yet is in the top of the embroidery frame from RSN. There definitely he's not aloud .

Happy crafting all