Sunday, 20 April 2014

Gold Work Embroidery Sampler - progress

A bit of progress done in my Gold work Sampler .
Lots of kid leather which I had used with string padding , felt padding and scrunched up .
 All this different techniques of using kid leather are nice on they own . Is seams I find the one with string the most difficult but I do presume with practise will go better.   

 This little piece from the leaf which looks so empty here below have to be fill in with bright check chips .
And there is a bit of trellis in green which I still have to decided if it is to be fill in with something.
 A bit of try to Or Nue

 An overview of the work already done .

I hope this is going to come out nice in off.
The background is an green velvet which in the pictures looks nothing like the real one.

Happy crafting all

Monday, 14 April 2014

Flowercopia on the wall

Another UFO finished !!! Finally I manage to finish my third big design . The lace had been finished from last year but as with many other things I do not always give that professional finish.
Now this time I had been setting the lace on the top of a canvas covered in black velvet.

I am actually impress my self about how good is looking.
Is a very complex piece with lots of needle point stitches and is taking a contemporary idea of using lace. Is no need to love vintage to have this on a wall.
I have to say it brought a lot of colour on my siteroom wall.

Happy crafting all

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Romanian Point Lace Presentation at An Grianan

Finally my presentation of the Romanian Point Lace took place last night .

A little overwhelming taking in consideration was around 80 people attending .

Anyway happy of a good ending even if I was thinking was a bit short . I did not want to go over 1 hour or 1:30 hours as I know people get bored fast and at some age you are tired and really all you want is to rest .

After I finish the slides presentation I actually enjoy seeing many of the ladies was really curious and was asking questions  and want more details about how you are doing the lace.

 This below are the last crowd which kind of did not want to leave enjoying looking and discussing many of the pieces

In same time even if I was with no photo camera many other people took lots of pics.

For me as usually the camera was out of battery , and look like this is my life story always happen in my important times of my life.
My pictures was taking with the kindle and are not great but the most important thing is the night went well.

Happy crafting all

Monday, 31 March 2014

Crewel work bug

Yeah ... I think I got the crewel work bug. I actually started 3 more projects in crewel work , and I remember just few months ago I was furious because the girls in RSN told me I have to start my certificate with the crewel work.
The more I do the more I actually enjoy and get so many more ideas so I think I need to actually start to do few drawing books so I will not forget .
This is the stat for my my new big project which will be same size with the one for Certificate .

I actually love the purple as is a very happy colour , totally different than the one for RSN . If I am more happy with this I may actually propose a switch.
I start this in linen twill and I did transfer the design with the “Prick and Pounce” method. The problem I had was I did not have the powder so I made one with fish bone and cinnamon which was OK but did not was so visible or maybe I should not have used outside in wind :(

Then I start few small projects which have the intention of using up  some wool which I bought in RSN in sale.

I did say I would not show you this as they will be part of the Sampler but I can't behave my self as they look much better than I was expected .
Anyway the linen union used is so hard on my fingers was making a hole from pushing the needle . So this make me to reach the conclusion I like more the linen twill .

Happy crafting all

Sunday, 30 March 2014


I don't know if anyone remember my Flowercopia idea. I was mention this weird word in a previous post which can be seen here.
I just realised this days this project is actually finished need only to be attached to the canvas setting
Here are some pics of the work before taking it out of the working cloth

 And her is the process of removing the lace from the cloth in preparation of moving to the frame.

I hope to follow soon with the picture of the final lace set on the top of the canvas frame.

Happy crafting all

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Gold Work Embroidery Sampler

Do you think I can just read a book ?  Nope ... Need to practise
I find this lovely Jacobean Leaf in the internet which had been worked in gold work so I had resisted the temptation for bout few months for now . Yesterday could not take it any more , I had to start this leaf and by now I probably have about half of the design. Did not follow the actual design only the main lines and I do my own thinks trying to actually practise few of the stitches from the book.
Here is to see my struggle with the Japanese thread , some pearl purl around the edges and a bit of Milliary.
The Kid in this picture had been applied just flat and a bit of Roccoco couched with DMC cotton .
The little french knots had been made with metallic thread .
The colours are actually green . don't know way but in my PC they show to be blue bit no they are green.
 A bit of scrunched kid
 Then felt padded cover with cut work of smooth  purl

This last one is actually two layers of felt padding cover in Kid and with pearl purl around

Already can't wait to finish it.
I think practise will make them perfect or near to be perfect.

Happy crafting all

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Hearts and more hearts for a quilt

Yes lots of hearts to finish the embroidery on them for a quilt for my daughter.

I am not so sure about the last one but not to worry as I do have plenty patches to do .
I would love to finish this one this year and in special because I want to actually quilt it with maybe some feather design. All my quilts up to this time was actually quilt on the ditch not quite a proper quilting technique.
I actually have about 7 hearts done and still need 6 more , will see this are just to relax.
Somebody ask me what I am doing in my time free? What time free I say . For me sewing ,beading and crocheting is my life  .
I am breathing when I have a needle of some sort in my hand .

Happy crafting all