Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Silk Shading for my RSN Certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery

Some progress have been done on my silk shading of the apple blossoms . I still I am not really happy with one of the petals but I can put my finger on and say way ...
The very low petal is looking a bit off color and cant understand way .
The colors have been chosen together with the tutor and looks perfect against the actual picture. Yet ... the actual work is a bit off .
Is a still long way to go if you take in consideration I had worked for about 2 days for that petal and still 1/3 to go.

so wish you luck as I go to put two more stitches in there tonight

Happy crafting all

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Salvaged wool

I had got this bag of wool in a charity sale in our Lace Guild some months ago. Well ... have to say did not look at for long time until few weeks ago when I decided I have to use it for few practised pieces.
Easy said than done .... Start looking thru the bag and discover the threads was between 20 -25 cm or8-10 inches.
This should be OK for some kind of crewel work ...isn't?
Have to say NO , is not enough as I start the work and is a bit of nightmare . If I manage to unthread the needle on the middle of the work is some tough time to rethread it.
Anyway here is the start of my struggle :)

Hope you all have a more productive weekend than me as for the moment I actually have the speed of a slug .......

Happy crafting all

Friday, 24 April 2015

Embroidery classes

As we come to the end of my first classes we have to take a break from Rua Red as the rent in there is mad.
Anyway for few weeks over the summer we will try to have a very reduce group in my friend house.
Anyway I was thinking in same time we may actually spice the curriculum and have some fun over the summer . So the next designs will be something funny as crazy quilting .
OH... NO..NO... don't expect you to go home with a full quilt . Nope!!!!
You may have a nice piece to frame or as in the pic here to do a front of a pouch or cushion or something
So who's for the challenge ?

Message are welcome thru my FB , Blog or email

Happy crafting all

Embroidery classes

Well soon the time is up for my first session of Embroidery classes.
I have to say I actually loved everything about from the space what we rented at RUA RED to all the ups and downs.

I have been blessed with a very , very good batch of students, some of them teachers them self  . So I have some good scrutiny in there which is kind of OK , give me very little margin of error.
I am going to be thinking of a little prize for  my first generation of students as I am actually very impress with the hard work what they put in.
 Very happy times for my lovely friend Janet  and as you can see below her work is coming to the end fast , very fast.

 Margaret is hoping to finish all before going on her cruise but I will be very happy to see how much work she is able to do on her holiday . Well .. will be nice to see her back rested and full of new energy for further designs .

 And I am actually very curios to see who is going to win the competition between Andrew and Louise :) :)
I strongly believe they both had win already .
Can't wait to see Louise's next project started as the picture she show me is amazing .Of-course finished too.

Well .. when we took the pictures my lovely friend Mildred was enjoying her self a lot having fun at ICA Craft Week in An Grianan . Tell you the truth I was envy her a bit for that :) :) .Anyway she is well able to teach me embroidery so I am worried about her only when she start to many projects at once , and that would be only because she will have more than me... ha ha ...
Can't wait to have the final pictures with all projects finished .
Will keep in touch

Happy crafting all

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Blackwork Embroidery Presentation at AnGrianan

Another craft week passed on at AnGrianan and I see people had a blast of good times.
I become a bit envy with all the great and beautiful thinks they did there and I got to see them only in pictures.
Well I am hopping to win the lotto and I will have all the time in the world to go there and enjoy my self but by that time unfortunately I still have to work hard: pay mortgage , keep a family and keep my self sane  ....
I got my self there for about 2 hours for a Blackwork presentation .
I still have a track when I am talking in the front of so many people and in special of some of them who teach Blackwork.
But then I do believe this lovely craft have so many interpretations ...
Here I have some help from my lovely friend Josephine who is always very encouraging , which is good and help a lot to break the heaviness of the evening .

 Explaining again and again ...
 Pulling and pushing around , everybody been in hurry to get a little piece of action . No one wanted to be left out in checking and inspecting the samplers.

Here  I have my little pretty Bunny for which I still need to find a name . Isn't? any suggestions?

I have to say I kind of like Blackwork now but when I finished the module in RSN have swear I will never touch this technique again.

Well keep an eye on this space to see my next project as already is on a frame ....

happy crafting all

Friday, 17 April 2015

Funn and work toghether

Last weekend was a great one. Meeting with friends and making new friends was the best. I had a great time at An Grianan - Termonfeckin  teaching Romanian Point Lace. As time passes my classes are getting bigger and bigger.
Is not like I complain is just to show how much this craft is expanding . I actually say it from the start is a great craft accessible to young and old.

Lots of concentration at the start but then we had great laughter too .
First all had to do the little flower prepared on the kit but then they all had a try to the cord. So hope they get to remember how to do the single cord and use in many other projects.

I had great experience as always after each class.

Happy crafting all

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Embroidery classes

Hi All ,

The count down to the embroidery classes have started ..... Only few places left (2)
So hurry to get yours before is running out ...:) :)

 Happy crafting all

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Upcoming events

Well looks like life just got so much busy I barely manage to remember about the blog. I don't feel is quite fair but here we are.
Hope soon to get a bit more structure to our life so we can keep up with this too.
Just got this call from a lovely friend about a Blackwork embroidery demo which I had promise to her last year yet I have forgot all about.
I start to be worrying about forgotten thinks , really !!
So decided to do a sampler book and for this I actually finished the second bunny which I had started when I did the one for the RSN Certificate.
Well this is the original from the grading in RSN but the one for sampler is looking nearly same .
I still have to take it out of the working frame and to do a picture.
Cut off couple of stitches from background and can't bet the other stitches are in same successions but they are same .
This picture is only one of the pages and I hope to have around 5 pages at least . Anyway the sampler book is intended to be constructed in such way I would be able to add more pages as I go .
Just have to go now but soon will be back with some news about other pressing upcoming events.
First would be a weekend at An Grianan   teaching Romanian Point Lace where is need a new design and where I hope to be this :

 and then my grand opening of Embroidery classes in RUA RED in Tallaght where the design would be this :

And on between all this madness run for about 6 days to London for another go at Goldwork and Needle Paint modules .
Mad or not ? ...

Happy crafting all

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Kit preparation

I am going to make a bit of fuss over my first embroidery kit .
 The background is not off-white is strait grey. :)
Did not was very excited at first but I am yet have to find a good supplier for twill linen. 

There is going to be used in my first official class of embroidery .
Can't wait to see how my students will get on . I try to not crowd the design but in same time I was very tempted to add lots of stitches . I presume they would need to do some work on they own or they will still need to comeback  for more classes after the first session is finished  .

Happy crafting all

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Saturday class

Had a great day yesterday at Dublin Embroidery Guild were I had Romanian Point Lace class.
I know sound weird to have a lace class to an embroidery guild .
Anyway taking in consideration the lace is using needle point filling can be consider to have something in common with embroidery or so I like to think .
My class yesterday was very enjoyable and here are some pictures with some of my students work

 So very big concentration I felt a bit left out , kind .
Some of them started to actually download and work some designs from Internet
I am actually very happy about this fact as this mean my lovely craft is starting to take flight and so is start to spread around the world .
I am sure my gramma would be very happy about even if she would tell me '' hey something is loose here and some stitch is not like I told you :( ''

Happy crafting all