Wednesday 28 October 2015

The Knitting & Stitching Show in Dublin - freebees ?????

Officially it has been done.... I have a stand in one of the biggest craft shows in Dublin : The Knitting & Stitching Show
This is going to be the first of many more years to come.
I will have most of my work displayed at the show and I will also be selling a few kits. Just enough to pay for the stand, lights and insurance.
Or so I hope :) :)

These are going to be the front and back of a couple of flyers which I am hopping my helpers will be spreading around .
Now because this is sorted out I just need to think of some sort of promotion to run during the show time .
Any ideas?
Any suggestions? What would you like to see? 1 hour  free class? a free kit ?  or maybe a % free from a series of classes? hmm...
I personally would like all of this :) :)  ... can we do it? ...
I will leave it with you to decide on what you like.

Happy crafting all


  1. wishing you great success, how I loved it working at the Dublin show.Will you have room to sit and demonstrate and show how you do your wonderful sittchery? I am sure that is what the public would love to see, remember to share some photos of your stand with those of us who cannot come

  2. Wonderful stuffs you have. How's everything? I hope all is well. I would love to see more photos. Thanks!