Tuesday 17 June 2014

Royal School of Needlework

Yeah... There are three weeks after I got back from RSN and believe me or not I can get back on track .
I don't understand way but I am total confuse with what I want to do and I am at lost .
I have been finishing few old UFO's but yet I do not have the power to start my black work embroidery . I have second thoughts regarding my choice for the second module.
I have started a piece in Hampton and I do not like a bit how is coming out . I have start to prepare another picture and I am scared, ......SCARED you hear me ? Is first time when I am scared of doing something with the needle .
Anyway in a different plan I was having a bit of time to visit the Bloom Festival in Dublin and I was a bit disappointed . The main exhibitors  was more of a commercial nature than anything else.
I got back home with about 20 pictures all together and with the promise to not go back next year .
What I find there interesting was  a stall with butterfly cases and some of this butterfly give me an idea for some silk shading practise .

And then my beautiful Japanese rose can be another embroidery project.

I probably have to take out Tiger's ear and forget the fact after I took this pic he very much enjoy the taste of the flower.
Sometime I am asking my self if he didn't was a cow in a previous life as constant he is having a serving of this flowers.

Happy crafting all


  1. Do hope you have got back to your blackwork now, so many stitches you can use, does it have to be black, maybe working with a colour would be more inspiring. Wonder is it the perfume of the flower that Tiger is attracted to

    1. Thanks Margaret for the encouragement , I know are so many stitches and possibilities my problem is I am overwhelmed with so many beautiful works of art which are to RSN and with the fact the expectations are very high.
      About Tiger I do not know what is he attracted to , I was thinking maybe is settling his tummy when he is eating that flower , he's a house cat .