Tuesday 28 April 2015

Silk Shading for my RSN Certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery

Some progress have been done on my silk shading of the apple blossoms . I still I am not really happy with one of the petals but I can put my finger on and say way ...
The very low petal is looking a bit off color and cant understand way .
The colors have been chosen together with the tutor and looks perfect against the actual picture. Yet ... the actual work is a bit off .
Is a still long way to go if you take in consideration I had worked for about 2 days for that petal and still 1/3 to go.

so wish you luck as I go to put two more stitches in there tonight

Happy crafting all


  1. Looks amazing Renata!
    Great job!

  2. such beautiful stitching I can see it s done with such love

    1. Yes Margaret , I do love doing this kind of embroidery , only I feel a bit stress because is my assessing piece and I have a bit trouble with the shading . Time pressure too :)