Monday 31 March 2014

Crewel work bug

Yeah ... I think I got the crewel work bug. I actually started 3 more projects in crewel work , and I remember just few months ago I was furious because the girls in RSN told me I have to start my certificate with the crewel work.
The more I do the more I actually enjoy and get so many more ideas so I think I need to actually start to do few drawing books so I will not forget .
This is the stat for my my new big project which will be same size with the one for Certificate .

I actually love the purple as is a very happy colour , totally different than the one for RSN . If I am more happy with this I may actually propose a switch.
I start this in linen twill and I did transfer the design with the “Prick and Pounce” method. The problem I had was I did not have the powder so I made one with fish bone and cinnamon which was OK but did not was so visible or maybe I should not have used outside in wind :(

Then I start few small projects which have the intention of using up  some wool which I bought in RSN in sale.

I did say I would not show you this as they will be part of the Sampler but I can't behave my self as they look much better than I was expected .
Anyway the linen union used is so hard on my fingers was making a hole from pushing the needle . So this make me to reach the conclusion I like more the linen twill .

Happy crafting all

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  1. lovely stitching here. I saw a lot of RSN work at the sewing for pleasure show in Birmingham, really beautiful pieces were on display