Wednesday 9 April 2014

Romanian Point Lace Presentation at An Grianan

Finally my presentation of the Romanian Point Lace took place last night .

A little overwhelming taking in consideration was around 80 people attending .

Anyway happy of a good ending even if I was thinking was a bit short . I did not want to go over 1 hour or 1:30 hours as I know people get bored fast and at some age you are tired and really all you want is to rest .

After I finish the slides presentation I actually enjoy seeing many of the ladies was really curious and was asking questions  and want more details about how you are doing the lace.

 This below are the last crowd which kind of did not want to leave enjoying looking and discussing many of the pieces

In same time even if I was with no photo camera many other people took lots of pics.

For me as usually the camera was out of battery , and look like this is my life story always happen in my important times of my life.
My pictures was taking with the kindle and are not great but the most important thing is the night went well.

Happy crafting all


  1. congratulations on your talk and slide show, can see from the photos the ladies were so interested.

    1. Thanks Margaret, I had huge emotions and I had been a bit in hurry finishing quick but all over I think was OK as they had plenty time to pull and push the things around checking them in all sides.:)

  2. So glad your presentation went well. It looks like there was lots of interest. Especially those who didn't want to leave! Obviously, they enjoyed it.