Sunday 16 March 2014

Gold Work Embroidery Sampler

Do you think I can just read a book ?  Nope ... Need to practise
I find this lovely Jacobean Leaf in the internet which had been worked in gold work so I had resisted the temptation for bout few months for now . Yesterday could not take it any more , I had to start this leaf and by now I probably have about half of the design. Did not follow the actual design only the main lines and I do my own thinks trying to actually practise few of the stitches from the book.
Here is to see my struggle with the Japanese thread , some pearl purl around the edges and a bit of Milliary.
The Kid in this picture had been applied just flat and a bit of Roccoco couched with DMC cotton .
The little french knots had been made with metallic thread .
The colours are actually green . don't know way but in my PC they show to be blue bit no they are green.
 A bit of scrunched kid
 Then felt padded cover with cut work of smooth  purl

This last one is actually two layers of felt padding cover in Kid and with pearl purl around

Already can't wait to finish it.
I think practise will make them perfect or near to be perfect.

Happy crafting all


  1. you are a natural with gold work, this is superb

  2. Hello Renata!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog Matin Lumineux! I'll visit your log completly later and maybe I'll put a post on your work!
    You're very luky to study in Royal school of needlework! When I was Young, I went to London because I dreamed to be abble to study there! I couldn't because I'd not enough money to stay, I'd to work at the same time and it wasn't possible, so I came back in France.
    But later, I became teacher of quilting and fiber art!
    Hugs and kisses

    1. thanks Johala for your visit . I totally I am mesmerize by your pictures. Yes is a bit expansive to stay in London and I am struggling a b it with the holidays which I spend all to go there but I enjoy it at maximum.Is good you manage to actually do something what you enjoy and which is so complex as fiber art.