Tuesday 29 January 2013

Pogress or what?

 I try to make some progress with the baby's quilt and find my self at end of Jan 13 with not even started the blocks for the CQJP2013 challenge.
I need to get my act together as I may be left out.
Still struggling to take better pictures .Anyway I will try to show you the latest addition to the baby quilt even if the pics are not so great.

Still find difficult to do crazy quilting with out beads and other embellishments.
Hope at the end of this week to have few blocks finish , this is because I usually work in couple of blocks at once. I get very easy bored to keep doing same thing so always start few projects at once and this is take me time . I know not good idea , but that is how my inspiration go's.

Happy crafting all


  1. That's as cute as can be! I love the embroidered accents, like the car. I think after a while, one can get a taste for no beads and buttons. The more you do, the more natural it seems. =)

    I have printed out the silkies for six of my 2013 blocks, and that's all! Thursday is my day to make a couple of blocks, and I'll have to stitch two in February. 2012 took me so much intensive time!

  2. this quilt is coming along so well Renata, you can still do your block but will not be able to add it if it is after january until April on the CQJP website. I added mine on monday, first time I had done one so feel good that it is done and now thinking about february.

  3. Many thanks Girls for all your comments and encouragement.
    I have done only the naked blocks for 2013 but still did not start the work on them as for the moment the baby quilt is priority. The main think is to just do'it.