Wednesday 23 January 2013

Cinderella's Shoes

Find this lovely design of a Turkish shoes and I had this vision of the lace hung on the wall like a picture.
I am going to teach the Romanian Point Lace soon and I think a small design like this will be nice

 Now back to  my embroidery for the baby quilt as I am a bit behind and I don't want the baby to arrive and me having no quilt 

Happy crafting to all


  1. what a wonderful shoe, I suppose if you hang it directly on a will you will have to starch it in some way or something

  2. Yes Margaret, usually Romanian Point Lace is starch so when is used as table cloth would have a bit stiffness so is much easy to manoeuvre on a table.
    This shoes is actually attached with few stitches on a piece of felt which is framed

  3. That's so beautiful! You are a woman of multiple talents. And a teacher, too. Your students will love this.