Wednesday 16 January 2013

Another block for the baby quilt

I am struggling a lot to do some pictures. Took me two days and on the final I was asking for some help from a friend.Slowly but surely I will get the grip of doing this pictures. I just got as new camera and macro lens from Santa(my husband) and feeling bound to learn using it.
Anyway the picture what I come with is still need improvement.
This block is similar with one of the block from ''Rainbow Science'' quilt but the further granny was insisting to have it.

Hugs and happy crafting to you all,



  1. a great block, love all the creatures you have stitched onto it.

  2. Love all the bugs - especially that long-legged one.

    1. Hi, I loved this long -legged bug too the single problem with this is I think I kind of think I have make a mistake: the legs should not have been so long but...