Monday 28 November 2016

Embroidery class

It was a great weekend this past one. My first and last class for this year 😊.
I had a great class at the Kildare ICA Federation craft day , lots of things done .
I hope to be able to get back in shape and take up my classes again .

some very happy ladies going home with a nice Christmas flower
I did have a great help from my best friend Patricia which was on the ball all day and was explaining her self or just keeping them busy until I was free to show them what they needed to know.
This day make me feel useful and back to life again 😊

Lots of hugs and happy crafting


  1. so good to read you are back teaching and doing so well after your illness, take care and do not overdo things

  2. Very pleased to hear that your treatment has been successful. Marion x