Monday 7 December 2015

Shows, holidays and work

Yes, the Knitting and Stitching show finished a long time ago.
I have return to you with some pictures maybe a little bit late, but I think it's never too late to tell you again about how much of a good time I had at the show and how much I really did enjoy the show.
I have to say a big thank you to all of you which came for the first time to see my work and for all those whom came back time after time to check my work and support my journey through the land of embroidery and lace.

Here is the night before the show when everything was set up and finished, or so we taught. The next morning I found some of the pictures down on the floor with damaged frames but the actual embroidery was OK.

Then all the madness started.
Four very busy days which took the life out of me. I actually never realised what I was getting myself into.
I learned my lesson for the next show, which is that I need to start my preparations from NOW .. !!!!

I had shown and explain my prized quilt at least 50 times and I do believe it was the star of my stand. Everyone was intrigue and mesmerized by the complexity of the design.

 Here is a much detailed picture of the quilt in question.

Another star of my show was the Blackwork portrait of my lovely daughter which many people recognized when they seen her around at the show.

I had a sore throat  for about a week after from so much talking.
Now it is all finished and after all that stress I have take a very very big break.
Something which I actually should have done a long time ago: talking to my family, watch stupid things on TV, cleaning windows, cleaning the house and just lazying around.

I think now will be the time to announce the winners of the raffle prizes and to get back to work !!!!

Happy crafting all,


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  1. your stand looks amazing, maybe next ear you will cross the waters and exhibit at the K & S show. So glad it was such a success not that I doubted it would be for a second as your work is so beautiful