Tuesday 22 December 2015

Christmas is comming and plans for next year started !!!

A bit of mad times in Autumn but now all cool down and I totally refuse to get back to my daily madness with groups, associations and all the others.
I am chilling and gathering my toughts for next year. Already some plans start to run wild in my head.
You do need to get your plans in order and I learn a valuable lesson : start preparations from early enough .

I plan for next year to: half at least, my stress levels and this will happen with a good planning and more important following the plan and the schedule .

First on the list for Jan is to make the pattern and do the sewing for a crewel embroidery size 15/ 20 inches  for a nice lady in Galway which will take the ICA exams .
Well... drawing finished now just to start the sewing and pattern writing so I think I am ahead of my self for once...
A bit dark, but otherwise you would not see the drawing so I had to make it more dark for better visibility.

Then a first pattern for blackwork which is actually purple .
At the moment I am not very keen in doing blackwork patterns. I will see after this first one if I am going to continue with .

Then a project for the Embroidery guild and another for the Lace guild .
Classes start to fill in and I am still having my full time job.
Now... do I am going to be able to avoid the word STRESS next year?
Will keep you informed about :) :)

 Happy crafting all


  1. good to see your stitching plans for 2016, the crewel design is lovely and like the purple work plan too. Have lovely Christmas

    1. Thanks Margaret , Well this ones have to be finish by start of Jan16 , but I don't think this will happen . Anyway whish you too a Merry Christmas and a very Happy and prosperous New Year.