Wednesday 22 April 2015

Blackwork Embroidery Presentation at AnGrianan

Another craft week passed on at AnGrianan and I see people had a blast of good times.
I become a bit envy with all the great and beautiful thinks they did there and I got to see them only in pictures.
Well I am hopping to win the lotto and I will have all the time in the world to go there and enjoy my self but by that time unfortunately I still have to work hard: pay mortgage , keep a family and keep my self sane  ....
I got my self there for about 2 hours for a Blackwork presentation .
I still have a track when I am talking in the front of so many people and in special of some of them who teach Blackwork.
But then I do believe this lovely craft have so many interpretations ...
Here I have some help from my lovely friend Josephine who is always very encouraging , which is good and help a lot to break the heaviness of the evening .

 Explaining again and again ...
 Pulling and pushing around , everybody been in hurry to get a little piece of action . No one wanted to be left out in checking and inspecting the samplers.

Here  I have my little pretty Bunny for which I still need to find a name . Isn't? any suggestions?

I have to say I kind of like Blackwork now but when I finished the module in RSN have swear I will never touch this technique again.

Well keep an eye on this space to see my next project as already is on a frame ....

happy crafting all

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