Saturday 30 August 2014

Inflorescence updates

After few more weeks of moving the work around the house finally is up in the frame

Hurray !!!!

I am excited to have finish  few of thinks this year . I am terrible at starting thinks and soon as they are finish as embroidery or crochet finish I just leave them and never manage to bring them to a proper end .

As can seen from the step by step have been a good struggle due to the very thin fabric used .
In same time using a total different kinds of beads was give me a lot of grief as the design did not accommodate to well my much longer bugle beads.
Whatever I am OK for the time been with the final result and I am hopping I did not do a disaster from the original design.

The last picture was taken outside in the natural day light and is probably the most near as the real colors .
I am not sure how the colors came out in the pictures as in any of many what I did the background color is nothing like the real one. The fabric used was a very bright green so to make it fade a bit I had stained it with some tea bags .
This is a continuous process of learning and perfecting the process so get back to work for now .

Happy crafting all


  1. Exiting! It looks gorgeous! Well done, Renata!

  2. this is beautiful. Like you i hate starting new projects, okay once I get going but the trouble is to get going! Also when a piece of work is finished it does not get laced etc straight away and now I am quilting sometimes it is ages before I put the block together and then another wait before I pluck up courage to quilt them

    1. Yes I feel your pain regarding quilting . I am same and maybe worse as I did not properly quilt any of my quilts . I use that technick with ''quilting on the ditch'' . Anyway you are way faster than me and better as your quilts look amazing .

  3. Thanks girls , I am hoping for the next one to be actually much better as I think this would be the last one when I learn really you have to use the right beads or if not just blow up the pattern