Sunday 14 April 2013

Pilow case decor

I want to do my samples more funny than usual and so I come with the idea of doing my lace as an applique to a decor pillow case.
I am working in same time to do a book of Romanian Point Lace samples . All the braids (cords) used in the lace are presented in my CQJP 2013 project .

From this two colours of the pillow case I actually set for the brown one. I was thinking the colour is actually showing much nice the lace . Now I prepare another applique for a brown pillow case .
This is more for a child's room but I find it very cute .
I will be back with the finish product .

Happy crafting all



  1. beautiful lace and yes it shows up to perfection on the dark brown cushion

  2. Thanks Margaret , is very nice to see you visiting my blog and I appreciate your opinions.

  3. It really pops on the darker material! Looks great.