Thursday 13 August 2015

Summer , holidays and lots of work started but not finished

Long time did not say anything in my blog . Is not like I would not have anything to say just to busy doing everything at once.
Home in holiday after about 3 years was nothing different from before , had the impression I never missed anything and never been missed : ) :) .
Well... the single and most important thing  I missed are the little ones . They grew up to some lovely misses

This children are the brightest moments when I been back to my natal country otherwise all same .
Anyway the breack was very good for my eyes , manage to crochet without glasses at some stage.
Not like I am free of glasses now. I back o my job and in half a week manage to  get back to same blindness like before, I think is more blood pressure related .
I am well into finishing my Xmas lace designs . Yeah .. I know pronounced the word which everyone try to avoid right now but don't worry from September you are going to hear it everywhere in special in the adds for parties .

Hope you got the idea :) :)  ..Yeah ??... White how you think a Xmas can be ? If I give you to much info I spoil the surprise and I have to get them out by September at the Lace Convention :) :)
Hope my Santa will come by Saturday when my over 20 kg of thread will arrive in the pack which I send from holiday.
Then will be my husband's surprise which by magic transform a skein in balls.
Will keep in touch and maybe I will make'it with some pics of my lovely threads, can't wait is actually better than Santa

Happy crafting all


  1. Good you were able to go home and catch up with family. I feel families are not as close as they used to be, I have 3 brothers here in UK but they do not keep in touch much. Mine you look after those eyes and do not overstrain but wear the glasses we do not want you to not stitch as you share such beautiful work with us all. Sorry did not mean to lecture you but concerned about your eyes.

    1. Thanks Margaret , your such a good friend .
      Hope you are well too. I actually got back to my glasses soon as I was 1 day on the job. This PC's destroy our eyes .
      As for the family I always try to make an excuse as they are to far from me to be able to be united ( which is not always the case ) :( :(
      Well ... we have our big crafty family and better enjoy as it is :)