Sunday 5 July 2015

Workshop in Dublin city

Had a brilliant day today doing kits for my upcoming workshop which will be in The Constant Knitter in the city centre.
Been very very lucky to get lots of help from my lovely daughter so manage to finish about 15 today.
I do need to do lots more but for the moment I am really happy as I have done everything from scratch  including drawing the design in each cloth .
 And so just to remind you what is all about ...

And so to be all on trend got myself an Instagram account too even if I do not own a smart phone. My lovely daughter will try to help me .
So hope picture will shown in there as I do my embroidery as usually I find myself lost in sewing and forget to take pics as I go so she may be able to do'it as I go .

Happy Crafting All


  1. Fabulous! All the best!

    1. Thanks Lorena, hope your little princess will help you with your classes too :) :)

  2. I know this will be a great success, all the best. I will follow you on instagram, remember to put a link on your blog, must admit do not understand it properly as I have to load things from my tablet, which I struggle with! do not think you an do it from a computer but I can look at what has been put on on the computer

    1. Thanks Margaret , as for the Instagram I am a bit confuse as I do not own a smart phone so my daughter have to do the posting for me. Same as you I am more like looking in the computer