Monday 29 June 2015

Lace journey

Have a bit of  a busy time in the last couple of weeks . Between lace making classes and embroidery classes and a full time job I actually have just a very little time to do anything else.
 I am very happy and proud to let you know I had my first interview ever in my life  with The Irish Examiner paper and I can't believe in special when you think about 16 years ago I had not a single work in english .
Anyway very ....very happy and in special when I see the classes have been starting to fly of the grid .
Been notified as for the Lace Convention in An Grianan in September all the places have been booked and I have 3 extra in the class.

In other hand I hope you all have a great summer as I have to enjoy here every minute of good weather . this weekend it was so nice and worm I actually enjoyed a lot to stay in my little shed (studio ) and do some alterations.
Got this dress from a friend to fix out. She brought the dress to a dry cleaner so to be safe on cleaning . And the moron had put it in a hot dryer so all the beads have melted to the fabric.

 I don't know if there is clear enough in the picture above but the little frill what was going over the shoulder was having holes actually .I had to take that out entirely .

Anyway I manage to pull them out as you can see below they are totally destroyed .Not like the beads was I don't know what high quality but still ... if they had bee n designed to be attached to a garment they should have been of a better quality .
And you are thinking how much money you spend in something which pretend to be a kind of a houte couture dress
For the month is saved and is going to be worn for few more times . With this economical situation people can't afford now anymore to buy a new dress for each occasion .
 For me was a great experience and a reason to relax playing with some beads.

So hope you enjoyed your self in the past weekend so much as me and I am hoping to have the next one same as I really need some relaxing time now.
I am hoping to do some alterations to my own clothes next weekend as I notice barely if I can fit in the ones I have . For the moment still need to hang in there as I can't really afford to get new ones.

Now I have to get some other work done .

Happy crafting all


  1. I am sure the class will go well and you will have happy students. Like you I am struggling to fit into some of my clothes

    1. Well Margaret I don't think fitting in your clothes is so bad my biggest problem is I can't seem to get my head around the fact I am not 20 anymore.
      I am still having to work in my head this think of been a bit older and body had been changed a lot .
      Anyway thanks to be encouraging , is nice to know I am not the only one

  2. All the best with the classes! You do a great job! Keep up the good work!