Thursday 14 May 2015

New Project on the way

I know I should have been good and finish few thinks which are already started .I really do need new ideas to be put down before I loose them. So I will definitely get back to my UFO's soon as I have a bit of a go to this one. Anyway will not tell you what is about as is small and need to be finished by summer.
The single clue to give away is going to be monochrome
 This is the real colour above.
I don't know what happen below but my camera decided she have enough of flash and decided not to use it . 

Have good intentions to finish this soon as I comeback from Hampton Court were I go in a week time to finish my last two modules of the Certificate .
Next week need to be used to max to finish the Silk shading project .
And I need to get back to the gold work to have a go at some practise for the cut work to get back in shape for the classes.

Well... will keep in touch by then .

Happy crafting all

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  1. lovely stitchery casalguidi if I am not mistaken. Have a great time at Hampton Court on the course