Thursday 5 March 2015

Upcoming events

Well looks like life just got so much busy I barely manage to remember about the blog. I don't feel is quite fair but here we are.
Hope soon to get a bit more structure to our life so we can keep up with this too.
Just got this call from a lovely friend about a Blackwork embroidery demo which I had promise to her last year yet I have forgot all about.
I start to be worrying about forgotten thinks , really !!
So decided to do a sampler book and for this I actually finished the second bunny which I had started when I did the one for the RSN Certificate.
Well this is the original from the grading in RSN but the one for sampler is looking nearly same .
I still have to take it out of the working frame and to do a picture.
Cut off couple of stitches from background and can't bet the other stitches are in same successions but they are same .
This picture is only one of the pages and I hope to have around 5 pages at least . Anyway the sampler book is intended to be constructed in such way I would be able to add more pages as I go .
Just have to go now but soon will be back with some news about other pressing upcoming events.
First would be a weekend at An Grianan   teaching Romanian Point Lace where is need a new design and where I hope to be this :

 and then my grand opening of Embroidery classes in RUA RED in Tallaght where the design would be this :

And on between all this madness run for about 6 days to London for another go at Goldwork and Needle Paint modules .
Mad or not ? ...

Happy crafting all

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