Sunday 15 February 2015

Saturday class

Had a great day yesterday at Dublin Embroidery Guild were I had Romanian Point Lace class.
I know sound weird to have a lace class to an embroidery guild .
Anyway taking in consideration the lace is using needle point filling can be consider to have something in common with embroidery or so I like to think .
My class yesterday was very enjoyable and here are some pictures with some of my students work

 So very big concentration I felt a bit left out , kind .
Some of them started to actually download and work some designs from Internet
I am actually very happy about this fact as this mean my lovely craft is starting to take flight and so is start to spread around the world .
I am sure my gramma would be very happy about even if she would tell me '' hey something is loose here and some stitch is not like I told you :( ''

Happy crafting all

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  1. I can;t wait to start my class next month! Teaching RPL is so much fun!