Wednesday 5 November 2014

RSN & RDS Dublin

Is so hard to keep up with doing some crafts and in same time doing all this posting on media.
Been very very busy . Between trips and projects and so I kind of ignored all postings, so I will have to apologies for my lack of posts .
First on the middle of October I have been in Hampton  Court at RSN and started my Blackwork embroidery module . OK, I have to recognise I am very disappointed with myself . I was thinking I am OK after I did my daughter's picture , but NO.
Half or maybe more is wrong

All this change on the direction of the stitch some tutors do not approve in other hand others was very excited about the idea and they way I did it.
Anyway I have changed the picture .
Getting back in Dublin I had to go to the Knitting & Stitching show in RDS Dublin .
There I had great time helping out at RSN stand and helping the future tutor Kate Barlow  in the workshop . We had teach whitework embroidery for two days and Blackwork for two .
The whitework had been very successful  maybe due to the fact Irish people love white ( Mountmelick embroidery , irish lace all been white).
For the blackwork the problem been the light , not very bad but after certain age you really can do with a better light and maybe some magnifiers.

 Trying to do some demo in a crewel piece which RSN tutors had on the stand . Never thought will be so hard to concentrate to do something when people hover around you :) .

Here I try my hand at teaching ....
Well is not to bad if you have some time to do it . 1:30 h is not really in off and in special when people don't know to do to much .
There was I think more for us to learn than for the students ... ha ha ...
Well I hope to come with a more up to date pic for the blackwork .

Happy crafting all


  1. I think your blackwork is outstanding. How i used to love working at the Dublin show t is 8 years since I was there

  2. Fabulous work! Keep it up!