Monday 30 September 2013

St Maelruain's Flower Festival

Last night was back from the Flower Festival at St. Maelruians Church in Tallaght and I have to say I am just a wreck with tiredness.  It was 3 great days and I think the actual Flowers was absolutely amazing. Every single arrangement was talking to you saying a specific story. All in all was a great experience and a think to tell you what a bunch of great people can do for a community where nothing is going on usually , or not with help from the authorities.
Every single flower was sponsored by people from community.
I will let you now to judge some of the flowers

Here is the lovely way to the church where all the bicycles have been painted in some of the sport clubs colors
 then the lovely entrance of the church

 This amazing arrangement represent the retirement times . I would really love my retirement to look so good
 This was the Girls Brigade corner 
 Every single window was decorated with a different colour and was following the months of the year.
 The big wreath if you follow it from right up to left is like birth with buds of the flowers and then full bloom as your life would be at 20-40 years and the start to be drying up at your end of the life
Beautiful idea and very true

And our lovely crafts hall .
Me being busy ....

 On the middle of the hall was this big Photography exhibition.
Happy Crafting All



  1. some wonderful arrangements, specially like the one with the hops, think the girls brigade. The bicycles are so colourful they will brighten up a dull winters day

  2. Ce frumos!Cred ca a fost minunat acolo :)

    1. Buna Ghemulet :) sa stii ca mai distrat tare cu numele ,e super.
      Da a fost frumos si destul de bine , am recuperat ceva din banii cheltuiti pe margele si materiale