Monday 24 June 2013

ICA Ireland - Romanian Point Lace classes

I find really difficult to keep up with posting in the blog and do some work in same time.
Anyway I had a really great week , last week, when I have been staying very comfortable in An Grianan and teaching a class .
Here I have just few pics with the job done because as I say we been to busy to be concerned  with pictures or any other media devices.

Everyone was so busy as you can see

I was having in my mind we maybe will be able to go over the technique and do a little glass coaster
but I have to say my lovely students have actually done around 3pieces each.
they start with this lovely brooch
See the below wearing proudly the brooches.
Josephine is having a peach colour one
and Mildred was going for variegated blue which have to say matched very very well with her lovely blue eyes
Because Geraldine skipped this step she was in a more advanced stage and had started a lovely bunch of flowers so I have no pic for her brooch.
She did start the applique below
Her ones are actually withe with a yellow middle and leave are a dark variegated green
Unfortunately as I said I was to much all over the place to remember to take a photo of her work in progress. She did very well doing two of the leaves and one of the flowers plus some of the cord.
The she decided she had in off of the big design so move to do the initial little flower which I did prepare for them. I actually was amazed by her imagination and willing to go over many more stitches so this is the final product.

I did enjoy to the maximum this week and this is thanks to my absolutely amazing students .

happy crafting all


  1. Renata you have taught your students well and they have done some beautiful work

    1. Thanks Margaret , I actually had lot of emotions and stress as if I will be able to make my self understand but all was absolutely amazing .