Thursday 14 March 2013

Baby Quilt Finish

Finally is officially finish . I don't know way but always when I try to finish something I find some more ideas to add things to. Anyway is finish so the new ideas have to wait until next project - which may come faster then I anticipated.
Back to our quilt I have try few more pictures but I still struggle big time , my photographic skills do not improve, worst I change camera setting and made a bigger mess.
It is a good size and is very soft as the backing is from fleece .

And because the granny did not want to tell me what the baby would be I had to keep neutral which is a bit difficult for me . One week before the baby arrival I find out from the auntie  it will be a girl , so change the tactics.

Adding few girl thinks like flowers , butterflies in many of the patches hope will help.
Tonight is the big day to present the end product to the Granny and I think Saturday the little princess will get her comfy little cover.

Happy crafting all


  1. Oi , vi seu blog na lista do blog "International Directory Blogspot"
    vim conhecer e já estou te seguindo,vem seguir o meu também.

    Receba com todo amor o meu selinho!

    Beijinhux, Marie.

    1. Oi Marie,

      Muitos obrigado pela visita e esperança você gostará e vai se adquirir idéias do meu trabalho. Ame o seu buterflies no seu blog.
      Hope the translation was OK (google)

  2. Renata this quilt is beautiful, when the little girl gets a bit older she will learn so much from it and I am sure it will remain with her for ever

    1. Hi Margaret , Thanks for your nice words and I hope she will enjoy the quilt and love same as me. I parted very hard with the quilt.Now I am waiting in a feed back from the mum , granny was over the moon.