Saturday 31 March 2012

New job

OK , have to recognise I am going a little bit mad with the new findings.
Find few days ago I come across  a notice about a little competition for quilts. Yeah you heard well quilts, which I never did or actually touch in  my life. And so I go on starting this quilt or what I think will be a quilt .
The single condition which I think is for the competition between quilts and  science.
Many people tell me quilts have a very good maths at the base, OK I have no connection with maths (accountant ... ha) but I would make the connection between quilts and many other science.
 Here are my first few patches.

This is just for filling and have no connection other than nature with science
 electricity and nuclear energy
 space travel and the last two are under the sea

and this is my helper which had to approve of the softness of the patches.
He is checking very often all my job and tell me were I need few more beads or if he don't like to many

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