Thursday 20 October 2011

Billy the turtle

Some time ago I said I will do this little turtle

At first I was a bit sorry because I promise this without checking if all this kind of russian patern can be read .
Anyway at some stage I lost the plot and was going on my own doing the thinks as I taught is good.

Check it out the final product

My single problem is now to get to make some pictures were you would be able to see the right colors.
The yellow in reality is a bit more shiny and  the 4 stones  which make the shell is actually fancy jasper which are having  a little brown & a little green .
I don't know but just come over me to call him Billy and I am very found of him now.

I did linked again the original picture to the site were I got the pattern if anyone would like to try his own Billy.

So happy beading ladies.


  1. gosh! that is gorgeous and I love how you have hung it with the bead twined ribbon. Lovely.

  2. I really came here to say this and got distracted!
    I'm sorry I'm a bit slow, but I'm just getting around to organising the earrings giveaway on my blog last month.
    Thanks so much for your support and I really appreciate your comments!
    Please send me your address and I'll get some earrings away to you as soon as poss.


  3. Many thanks Tess, I am glad you come to visit and this is make me very happy . As for the adress I think is to much of trouble for you as I leave in Ireland and sending me the earrings will be to much of an expense for you.
    Anyway :Renata Tesu, 39 Bawnlea Avenue , Tallaght , D24 Dublin Ireland
    If you come visit my blog and give me your opinion about my work this is very valuable to me.

    Rgs Renata