Monday 28 October 2013

Small thinks

Have no idea what just come over me to crochet like a mad one flowers for hair pins . I just keep going like is no tomorrow and now I actually have nearly a box full with hair pins , bobbins and hair bands

Anyway in top of this manage to do some more work to my Flowercopia ... ha ha ..Yes made up the word and I actually intend to keep it for my final piece

OK I  just realise actually I start and have a good bit done from the basket but just did not manage to do pictures today . I will come soon with more updated pics.

Happy crafting all

Sunday 20 October 2013

Hot newbies

Lovely new beads come out of my working table . Start prepare my self for the Xmas craft fair from end of Nov
 ''Autumn forest'' necklace

 Aquamarine handmade beads with crystals earrings
Dusty pink handmade beads with crystals earrings
 ''Evening cuteness '' necklace
''Touch the rainbow'' bracelets

 ''Autumn forest'' bracelets
 Still have some trouble find a name for this one
 Crystals elegance
 Candy bracelet

 simplicity and beauty
 shamballa bracelet
 crystals and stones

Some of them have a bit of a trouble find a name or description but then I presume I will have few more weeks until I get going .
Hope you have better time naming your creations.

Happy crafting all
Hugs Renata

Friday 11 October 2013

Finished thinks and work in progress

The Flower festival had past and now after about two weeks I still I am all over the place . Seems I am not able to get back on full steam and prepare my self for the next Craft Fair which would be in mid November.
Anyway I had a great feed back from the person which bought my chicken scratch tea towel.

I am actually considering to start to do few more like this in different colours . This actually is a great way of practising stitches and learn new techniques.
My little strawberry pin cushions did not had such success   but you know how people are they may like something this year and they may not.
Now this weekend hope I will get cracking and do some nice thinks.
My work in progress is already started in my head in the form of few necklaces and bracelets so by Sunday hope to have some pictures.

Happy crafting to all